Fair Trade

Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa (FTTSA) is a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable tourism development.

The Fair Trade movement started in Europe in the 1960’s to help producers in developing countries receive a better deal for international trade in commodities and other goods.

Since then, Fair Trade has grown in influence and power. The movement has created trading partnerships and ethical trading initiatives. It has improved working conditions, remuneration and market access for producers in the global south.

In 1988 the first Fair Trade label was introduced in the Netherlands, and since then consumer demand for labeled products has grown dramatically in Europe, North America and the Pacific rim.

Tourism is the world’s largest industry, employing some 240 million people worldwide and contributing nearly 10% to the global domestic product (GDP). South Africa is no exception. Fair Trade in Tourism is about ensuring that the people whose land, natural resources, labour, knowledge and culture are used for tourism activities actually benefit from tourism.

On 13 June 2002, the Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa certification program was officially launched in South Africa, marking the first time in the history of the fair trade movement that a trademark or label for the tourism sector had been created.

FairTrade in Tourism – making Tourism more responsible and more rewarding.

Gonana is Fair Trade certified.